Rosa O-pads are made of cotton and are completely organic and take care of your skin.
The pads are equipped with biodegradable hydro-gel to keep the pads dry.
Rosa O-pads are engineered with Anion chip for the antibacterial properties.

Anion chip is a fully organic paper strip embedded in Rosa’s Sanitary pads. The chip is made of anions or negative ions, which are found naturally in nature. The negative ions aid the body during the menstrual cycle for muscle relaxation. It prevents bacterial growth  and eliminates unwanted odor.

Rosa’s sanitary pads are equipped with sap sheets which are made of hydro-gel. Hydro-gel is a highly super absorbent material which absorbs liquid and keeps the sanitary pad clean and dry.

Along with all the health and hygiene benefits of Rosa’s Sanitary napkins the pads are 100% organic and eco friendly. The conventional synthetic sanitary pads are not biodegradable. Due to the pads ending up in landfills and water bodies turning into bio-hazard and impacts harmfully on the environment.
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