Balance your pH on your periods!

Do you know that our vagina is the most amazing organ of our body? You ask us why? Well, it has a self-cleaning ability, induces pleasure, and also gives birth to a new life. Not admiring and caring for it enough would only make it sad.  As important as caring for the vagina is, vaginal pH balance is all the more important.  On normal days, our vagina is slightly acidic which helps the good bacteria thrive and bad bacteria die. if vaginal pH balance is High levels may lead to inflammation and vaginitis. Vaginal infections can make you more susceptible to STI’s as well!

Balancing the pH of our vagina during periods is crucial but also hard. Menstrual blood being basic tends to increase our vaginal pH. During periods it’s our vagina crying. Hence, caring for it on such days becomes all the more important. To ensure that our vagina feels the best even during periods, we suggest using Rosa O-Pads, which is not only organic and eco-friendly but also balances our pH. An unbalanced pH level of the vagina leads to a foul or fishy smell, an unusual white, grey, or green discharge, vaginal itching, or burning during urination. You don’t want that for your vagina, do you?

balance your ph on periods

1. Wear comfortable and breathable underwear

This is the most important suggestion that we came across. We don’t want our vagina suffocating, especially during periods. While on periods, most of us opt for using sanitary napkins, which cover our vagina even more. However, with Rosa O-Pads, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. They are engineered in a way that allows the skin to breathe more freely.

2. Opt for organic period products

It has been found that period products made of synthetic materials cause allergy and itching. On tough days like these, choosing organic period products is the best we can do for our vagina. If you are unsure about what to use, start using Rosa O-Pads. It just isn’t organic; it’s eco-friendly too, thus posing zero harm to the environment.

3. Choose period products with maximum and good absorptivity

Using period products with good absorptivity rates is essential. If the absorption by your period products isn’t adequate or quick enough it may cause some serious problems for the vagina. Rosa O-Pads has an adequate absorption and absorptivity rate, and hence we suggest you use them too.

As much as we promote self-care, promoting vaginal care is the next thing the world needs. Maintaining vaginal pH, letting our vagina breathe, and keeping it clean at all times are just some first steps we could take to make it feel happy and adored. If you are ready for this, start with buying Rosa O-Pads. That’s what we did, and believe us, our vaginas have never faced a problem ever since!

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